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What the heck to do with Sundayzzzz

Illustration by Susan Mozaffarii


Should I sleep? Or should I go on an adventure? …That is the question: Whether it is better to stay home and dream The day away and see the world through imagination, Or to stand against what I disagree with And protest ‘till I find success. To get things done – To not sleep – because in the urge to work toward The passions and millions of thoughts That consume our mind, it is proven necessary to Devote our time.

To sit, to veg –

To sleep: we will dream... oh there is so much more to Sunday; For in that sleep of Sunday, what we have accomplished When we have brushed off this opportunity, Must prove us rested: but lacking in That desire to be great in this life; For why would we get up to fight the injustice, The oppression in the world, the ignorant choices, The forbidden love, the fault’s in the law, The proudness of the privileged over the poor That work so hard with no praise, When we can just be at ease and sleep With bliss and forget? What is the reason,

To go on an adventure, and create work for ourselves? The pressure we put on ourselves that eventually, The things we’ve yet to discover are No longer here, or we have slept on our opportunities And we have not changed the changeable problems in our world or made ourselves better

Than we are now. Isn’t that what drives us not to sleep?

Thus we are to wake up on Sundays, And therefore those thoughts prove Sunday Is better spent awake sometimes (only sometimes), And they put our panic of missing opportunities at ease. With us acting on our dreams, adventure lists, And responsibilities to make a change, The Sunday is in good hands, in our sleep we will Be dreaming, but while awake we will be doing.

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