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Look Links: Pop Some Colour Into Your Makeup Stash

Cosmetics for the non-makeup experts.

Photos: Elena M-Ski


I got into makeup much, much, later than other girls my age. I think this was partly due to the fact that as a child I detested lipstick. The taste. The feel. The colours that stood out too much against my pale skin, making me look like a vampire. I felt embarrassed to wear it. After every dance recital I booked it to the bathroom to wipe the torture that was lipstick off my lips. That may have been one of the main reasons I quit dance. I only really started wearing and finding an appreciation for the sticky substance recently, and it’s still hard for me to find products that feel natural on my lips.

At the same time, I also don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on lip products; they aren’t the most important part of my makeup or wardrobe. Sure, Mac lipsticks are GORGEOUS (seriously have you SEEN the packaging!), but spending $17 on something that I wear, maybe 3 times a month, is quite the opposite of cost efficient in my case. I’m more of a drug-store lipstick kind of gal, which makes things difficult when many drugstore lipsticks are cheap and dry.

About a few months ago I was watching some swatch videos on Youtube just for fun. I’m glad I did because I discovered COLOURPOP cosmetics, a beauty company based out of LA.

Best part of discovering COLOURPOP? The price. Seriously, $6 for a liquid lipstick that is just as nice as Kylie’s lipsticks is a steal. I swear, I feel like I robbed COLOURPOP. And, their shipping cap to get free shipping is $30, so if you make a mass order with friends (which is what I did) you save over $5!

My first order included three of their products:

I ordered two Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks: Tulle and Bad Habit. My brother may have asked me why my lips were so dark with Tulle, but I felt like a boss. For real, that lipstick made me feel so adult when I went to the mall. Bad Habit made me feel like a prissy queen and I suddenly wanted to start giving people orders. I also bought two lip pencils in Lady and Contempo to go with my lipsticks so my looks were cleaner.

Because I was in a spending mood I also threw in two eyeshadows, Get Lucky and Smash. Kathleen Lights had a video featuring both of the colours in a makeup look and I just knew I had to have them. I don’t know technical terms, but there is a lot of product in the containers and it is very pigmented. The packaging reminds me of the eyeshadows they sell at Sephora, but the best part is that COLOURPOP eyeshadows cost half the price! I felt slightly less guilty buying two….

Overall I love COLOURPOP. It is probably the nicest makeup I can get at the cheapest price, and I highly suggest you put in an order to at least try it out. Yes, the shipping does take a very long time (two weeks for me), but it is oh-so worth it. And, since the prices are so cheap, my wallet will soon be crying from my newfound addiction. Oh well. I’m glad that with a company like COLOURPOP I kind find affordable products that work for a non-makeup-expert like me. I may not be as experienced as others at all things makeup because I was late to the game, but I do know a good lipstick when I see one!


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