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The Return of the Lemonade Stand: Charity Edition

Lemonade, crunchy ice, sell it once, sell it twice.


There is something about makeshift lemonade stands, trimmed with flowers, sugar and smiles, that creeps into earth’s nostalgic hemisphere. Collecting quarters and other currency from neighbours was so exciting, looking back, it was basically the cutest thing about childhood summers. When we were too young for real employment, this would suffice beyond our needs and desires. But now, with more knowledge of the world’s happenings, sitting tight with our own real income and spending habits isn’t entirely fulfilling. Now being too old for a lemonade stand [only according to certain adults], there is actually so much more to squeeze out of it. Here are five ways to give something to the world, using what once gave to you:

1. Your Cause

Find a trouble in this world that gives you passion, large scale or small scale. The more you care about the cause, the more successful you will be.


Before you can help a certain community, you have to understand it. Know what that endangered species really needs, learn empathy for the refugee family in your hometown, take a closer look at the volunteer-based summer camp. There is absolutely nothing as valuable of spreading knowledge and awareness to your lemonade customers. (Extra research requirement: it is necessary to know where you can bring the money you’ve raised, after your event.)

3. Setting Up

It's probably the most fun part. You can be you and express your creativity to no limit. Inspiration is what leads to beauty – look for previous fundraisers that have been held in light of this cause, and work with that. Also, try to make your lemonade booth as aesthetically pleasing as you can. This is a foolproof way to get attention.

4. Promote!

Word of mouth gets really far. Family, friends, friends of friends, family of friends, friends of family… ya know? Also, the end of your driveway works for the location: a) it does not involve a permit, b) neighbours will trust what you are feeding them, strangers may not. Since this is a larger scale lemonade stand, you want to get more traffic… the quiet neighbourhoods might not provide that. Posters are you best friend – and once again, get artsy.

5. Enjoy this.

If you want to help change something for the better, the process is the most important part. It is where the change occurs. Do this with friends and play music! Maybe have some other things set up on your lot. On another table, try selling a collection of old cd’s, hand-made art; or, consider this: a hybrid of a lemonade stand and a bake sale!! Mind = blown.

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