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SNWL: My Youth Is Yours (Glamping Movie Night)

It’s mid-July and the end of summer is somewhat near, sadly all good things must come to an end.

But the end of every summer marks a new beginning for young people everywhere, whether it is the beginning of their sophomore year of high school, their freshman year in college or a new job!

There’s no better way of commemorating the end of another summer filled with laughter and adventure than through film. Here is a list of movies to honour those adventures, those days sat in front of an AC eating ice cream, those spontaneous summer nights filled with laughter and friends surrounded by a bonfire talking about what the future holds. These films have heart, spark, youth, romance, and adventure, which will be highly appreciated watched at a sleepover, while you're Glamping or with family!


The Kings of Summer

Three teenagers with very different backgrounds decide to leave their homes and live independently in a house they built on their own in the woods.

Harold and Maude

This cult film classic follows 20-year-old Harold who meets The eccentric, 80-year-old Maude at a funeral. They develop an odd romantic relationship where they explore the meaning of life in different perspectives.

Moonrise Kingdom

12-year-olds Sam and Suzy have fallen in love and decide to run away together. All the while a storm is approaching and group of unconventional adults search for them.


This quirky story follows Veronica who is part of a popular clique in high school, but she disapproves of the girls’ behaviour. Veronica and her new boyfriend confront the group leader and accidentally poison her. They stage it so it looks like a suicide.

December Boys

Four teenage orphans have very different backgrounds, but the same dream, to be adopted. When the Reverend Mother sends the four boys on a vacation there they meet the couple who would make the perfect parents! The vacation turns sour when it becomes a competition to who gets to have the perfect parents.

The Way Way Back

Duncan is forced to spend the summer at a beach house with his mother, her boyfriend, Trent, and Trent's intolerable daughter. Trent can't resist, but make fun of Duncan the entire trip, so Duncan finds a water park and gets a job that will help him stay away from Trent. As Duncan works in the aging water park, he finds a father figure at a time when he desperately needs one.

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