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Feed Your Soul: 5 Thrift-Style Instagram Accounts to follow

@opshopwear is run by best friends Mandy and Rachael. The two best friends record their purchases through Instagram showing off the pieces, modeled by themselves. This particular account is very different from the rest, because although this items are all thrifted, Mandy and Rachel's fashion still looks very modern, wearing several trends.


@breakfastatthriftanys has by far one of the best usernames on this list! @breakfastatthriftanys is the Instagram account for an online shop of vintage wear including denim, vintage tees, ski jackets, groovy dresses, and more! On Instagram this account has high quality pictures that are either laid out or modeled. Similar to all the accounts on this list, this account is great to open up when shopping. @96rses is an Instagram account that posts thrifted items and are all for sale. Even if you do not wish to purchase any items this account is 100% aesthetically pleasing and gives me loads of inspiration when I go shopping to buy similar items.


@doubleminted is run by twin sisters Devon and Brittany who describe themselves as thrifting addicts. All thrifted items are modeled by the twin sisters. Devon and Brittany have a blog where you can follow their style more in depth and read about how much they spent on an outfit and where they purchased it from @curethriftshop is the account for a non-profit thrift shop benefiting type 1 diabetes research and advocacy located in New York. Unlike our other accounts this account focuses on more than just clothing, at @curethriftshop you can find loads of accessories and vintage artifacts as well.

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