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Get Excited: 2016 Movie and Book Releases

It’s officially 2016 and that means an entirely new year full of new books and movies to geek out about and get our inner fangirl on! Here are the movies and books that we here at Mimp are most excited about for 2016!


1. Glass Sword - Victoria Aveyard (Feb 9)

After the hit book Red Queen last year, every book nerd will want to get their hands on the newest instalment. Royals, and supernatural powers! What more could anyone want in a book! Check out our review here to get caught up on the series! And stay tuned for our advanced review of Glass Sword coming February 1st.

2. Passenger - Alexandra Bracken (Jan 5th)

Alexandra Bracken, author of the popular “Darkest Minds” series, is coming out with a new book! Cue the screaming! The novel is supposed to be full of time travel (yesssss) and romance (swoon) and we couldn’t be more pumped!

3. Truthwitch - Susan Dennard (Jan 5th)

It's been impossible not to have heard the Truthwitch hype. This new YA fantasy series is about two best friend witches and the problems they are facing in their fantasy realm. We here are most excited about the tight girl-friendship bond that inspires girls to support each other rather than put each other down.

4. Throne of Glass #5 - Sarah J Maas (2016)

It doesn’t have a title yet, but that doesn’t matter! We can’t wait to see how Aelin continues her growth in the next installment of the Throne of Glass series.

5. Summer Days & Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories - Stephanie Perkins ft. other authors (June 14)

We loved the short story collection My True Love Gave to Me and we can’t wait for the summer edition to be released this year.

6. The Unexpected Everything - Morgan Matson (Summer 2016)

More Morgan Matson is what we need! We loved her hit book Since You’ve Been Gone and are hoping this one is just as good, if not better!

7. Heartless - Marissa Meyer (Nov 8th)

We can’t wait to see Marissa Meyer’s take on the Queen of Hearts in this Alice in Wonderland inspired story!


  1. Finding Dory We’ve waited years and years and years and years but it’s FINALLY happening. It just took a while.

  2. Ghostbusters We can’t wait to see how this classic favourite is turned on its head by the gender flip. We’re hoping the movie has a feminist tone to it that can empower women everywhere.

  3. Allegiant I for one am sceptical but still excited after seeing the trailers. It may not be just like the book, but we’re still excited to see where the directors have taken the story.

  4. The Fifth Wave Chloe Grace Moretz took on the role of Cassie in this epic alien apocalypse story and we are in awe!

  5. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them We’re sure all Harry Potter fans will be flocking to the theatres to see this story set in the same world.

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