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Softhearted, Pensive and Palmy

The face behind the soothing voice that may just put an end to those sleepless(and what may seem like endless) summer nights.

Lauren Rose is brand new to the podcast playing field. Just a few months back, Lauren started her podcasts entitled “Vagina Slims(yes, you read that correctly), where she talks about whatever’s on her mind. But don’t worry, she’s not going to be discussing her crotch every two seconds. Lauren chats with MimpMag about her podcast and everything in between.

Here are some things you need to know about Lauren Rose. She has an affinity for Cecilia Lisbon, describes herself as a kid who grew up on the internet and says she’s immensely interested in keeping young girls and boys safe and inspired to grow into themselves. “While listening to great music” she adds.

Her voice is also very soothing and I ask if she does anything to make it that way. “Sometimes it’s a glass of wine,” she jokes. “Just kidding. Sort of.”

Lauren draws inspiration for her podcasts from making “moody playlists” for herself (Don’t we all at some point?) or had received mix­tapes from a friend.

“Recently I’ve seen a resurgence of teens online making these kinds of mixes so that anyone can enjoy them. I thought that was really rad and I wanted to contribute somehow.”

she explains.

And thus far, making these podcasts proves to be quite lenient with Lauren. The process goes as follows:

“I usually create a playlist beforehand, depending on the vibe I’m feeling. Once I have the tracks I just hit record and answer some listener questions as they come in! It is a pretty easy flow.”

(Sounds like we’d love to drop by!) Currently, Lauren has nine podcasts out and doesn’t plan on stopping. “Vagina Slims is a place where we can come together and indulge in our interests, and hopefully learn something new about ourselves, she says.

To end off, I ask Lauren to describe Vagina Slims in 3 words.

“Softhearted, Pensive and Palmy.”

Make sure to follow Lauren Rose: @laurenroseyt (on Twitter) + @vaginaslims (on Instagram)

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