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Taylor Swift Dumps Her "Good Girl" Persona

You don't want 'bad blood' with Taylor Swift.

About 11 days ago, Taylor Swift released the “Catastrophe” poster for the Bad Blood music video and I thought, “Wow. This. Is. Awesome!” Little did I know, my mind was about to be blown. Every day up until May 17th, Taylor released posters on Twitter and Instagram of new characters featured in her video - that was when I knew this video was going to be bad-ass. And it totally lived up to its expectations.

[editor's note: Taylor is one of the most powerful women in Hollywood and anyone who goes up against her, will loose. This video clearly sends out that message and we totally agree. ]

The action-packed video starts off with Catastrophe (Taylor) and Arsyn (Selena Gomez) who are in an office fighting men (woohoo for girl power!) when suddenly, Arsyn angrily knocks Catastrophe out of a window. That’s when the song begins.

Something I wasn’t too keen on at first, was 'Welvin Da Great' (Kendrick Lamar) rapping. I’m not a huge rap fan, so I was secretly hoping it would end after one section of the song. But alas, Lamar’s rapping is featured throughout the entirety of the song. However, after watching the video multiple times, he is starting to grow on me, and I think it gives it more of a bad-ass vibe.

The video continues on with Castrophe and her “gang” prepping for the battle against Arsyn.

Catastrophe walks through an array of futuristic laboratory-ish places - that kind of remind me of Divergent - featuring many famous female faces you’ll recognize: Hailee Steinfeld as the Trinity (genius!), Zendaya as Cut-Throat (love!) and my all-time favourite, Cara Delevingne as Mother Chucker (that name can’t get any better). I like the alternate personas in this video. It’s interesting that they’re playing somebody, they usually don’t. The boxing scene between Catastrophe and Knockout was a favourite because I loved that both Taylor and model Karlie Kloss were battling it out as total bad-ass boxers.

Now it’s time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The battle of Catastrophe vs. Arsyn. First off, TAYLOR’S RED HAIR IS SO COOL. I love it! (Can you tell?) I would’ve never pinned Taylor to rock it as a redhead, but this just looks so good… This whole scene was just so wicked!; The fire burning in the back, the outfits, the “Don’t mess with me” strut and the facial expressions were so on point. The video ends with the last line of the song “Cause baby now we got bad blood, HEY!” and it cuts to black.

When I heard “Bad Blood” on ‘1989’ for the first time I knew it was a real winner. The anger in Taylor’s voice is so raw and you can tell its directed at anyone who has done her wrong. This video took things to a whole other level to prove that point.

I love this bad-ass version of Taylor and I hope to see more! [Editor's note: It's so different from anything she's ever done, and I wish this were a full-length feature film! UGH! Do you see those costumes?^]

One thing I personally would’ve added to make this video absolute puuurfection is her two cats, Meredith and Olivia!

Taylor completely opposes her former “good girl” image everyone’s established for her. It’s liberating and exciting as a fan to watch this all unfold… And did I mention it’s bad-ass? I don't think I did...

P.S. Where can I get a compact mirror that duos as a weapon?!

Bad Blood is the third single as well as music video off of Swift’s newest album ‘1989’. Check it out here:

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