The Sisterhood Issue revolves around the idea of an unbreakable bond that brings women together in incomprehensible ways. The pages in this book were crafted by embracing and celebrating our individual experiences, while learning to love ourselves and be proud of who we are and the gender with which we identify.


The importance of intersectionality can not be stressed enough, as we keep our hearts open to form a community of powerful women. We need to accept that we aren't a perfect species and that mistakes and emotions are an essential part of becoming the people we are meant to be. The women that form the air that we breathe deserve the recognition and praise. 


This issue features real and true, ordinary, everyday, inspiring women - as always: no alterations or retouching, imperfection is beautiful. 




  • Includes 1 print issue
  • 150 glorious pages of beautiful curated images and words that are sure to make your heart melt!
  • A silk coated cover! OU!
  • All wrapped up in a cute little package just for you!



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