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© 2015 by MimpMag All Rights Reserved  

  • By Emily Joy Oomen

Lazy Sunday: Ice Cream through the Ages

Art by Calita Hin

5. Ice Cream Sandwich

Unwrapping its wrapper on a hot summer's day To reveal the loveliest cold slab Of the sweet vanilla snug between two chocolate cakey layers Taking merely one perfect bite Before the whole thing starts to fall apart And drip sugary stickiness all over your hands And almost as quickly as you unwrapped it- It is all gone. Leaving behind only chocolaty residue and stickiness on your fingertips You lick in delight.

6. Bluebell Individual Ice Cream Cups

It’s Ashley’s Birthday, And once again everyone is eating vanilla and chocolate ice cream cups at a birthday party.

7. Sponge Bob Square Pants Ice Cream

Out of all the ice cream and popsicles the ice cream truck had You choose the one shaped like a cartoon character As at this point in your life you were hopped up kiddy pop culture Due to the fact your dad allowed you to watch way too much TV

But you didn’t pick Dora, For you was obviously far too old for that. No, you choose Sponge Bob Square Pants with two dark purple gumball eyes To be your edible companion while you sat watching him on the TV screen\

8. Frozen Fruit Bars

Your mother bought these for you. Deeming it to be a delicious healthier option to other ice cream.

You cautiously tried one, Because she encouraged you all bright eyed, It tastes like a sugar-free childhood.

You never touch one of those popsicles again for a year, Leaving them for the ice to eat in your freezer. Until your mother rediscovers them hiding away, And makes the detrimental ultimatum She will not buy you more ice cream until you eat her fruit bars.

9. Variety Pack of Popsicles

So much variety in one box Cherry, grape, and orange, but you only wanted one The one Cherry. Beautiful Cherry.

You picked through all the popsicles in the box Trying to spot a glimmer of red through its wrapper When you spotted a glimmer of hope A sliver of what appears to be a reddy hue through the packaging Filled with excitement you opened its wrapper.

Orange. Figures. You put it back in the box. And unwrap three more until you finally find The beautiful cherry.

You suck on this delicious pop in delight thinking No one will notice…

10. Bomp Pop

Its red, white, and blue gleamed bright the colors of childhood independence

Freedom from parental vision as you rode your bike around the cul de sac with the rest of the neighborhood kids Letting freedom ring Not thinking that it would ever come to an end, Until one of you dropped your popsicles on the pavement.

11. Ice Cream Cones

The time has come You have graduated from ice cream sandwiches to ice cream cones Devouring a whole box of Drumsticks in three days flat, But of course leaving behind the ones with nuts for your parents Because you are just that thoughtful

Your addiction to ice cream cones becomes worse when You start buying Cookie Cones at school With the lunch money your parents gave you for “real food.” Making all the kids worship you for just a moment As you bite into your scepter of chocolate dipped power.

Then one day out of the blue When your mind is swimming in a sugary paradise Your sister tattles on you. And you have to say goodbye to your ice cream wonderland.

12. Dip n’ Dots

You had so much hope for them With flashy advertisements and a rainbow spectrum of spherical color You bought them out of the promise they would be new and cool, Only they made you wish you had stuck with the usual ice cream you got And not wasted you money on tasteless garbage at the mall.

13. Rainbow Sherbit A treat you waited in anticipation to eat As it promised to be a rainbow spectrum of daydreams That you would gleam at its beauty high in grocery aisles

Only once you finally got to eat this treat you find every flavor tastes the same As the other sugary popsicle you had in the past.

14. Frozen Yogurt

When you first walk in you are so overwhelmed with the options That you can’t contain yourself when you hold an empty cup full of possibility You pull all 16 flavor of yogurts goodness. You load up at the toppings section Decorating your yogurt with a mish mash of sour patch kids, mini reese's peanut butter cups, and sprinkles

No matter the combinations though it always ends up the same In a melted messy slo

15. Godiva Bar

Before you know it you have reached the stage of maturity where you start buying Godiva bars instead of popsicles at ice cream stands

You never notice when it started to happen, But one day your palette suddenly changed, And you grow hungry for things more sophisticated and luxurious, Than sugary popsicles.

16. Ben and Jerry's

After your first heart break you learn the art of chocolate therapy. Each lifting of your spoon a revolt against heartbreak Spoon feeding yourself pinted joy of chocolate goodness But chocolate never tastes as good When mixed with tears

17. Gelato

If heaven were ice cream It would be gelato Creamy and delicious Full of flavor

You curse yourself for not savoring more of this delight earlier

So you savor each bite Each lick Each drop Until the end

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