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  • Hannah Hurdle


Organization can be your best friend.

Art by Celene Fraticell

With finals rolling around for many students, stress starts to become a reality like never before. Teachers pile assignments, quizzes, and tests on you, so you don’t have time to prepare for finals. You feel overwhelmed and just want to curl into a ball on your bed. Resist the urge to get in the fetal position. Your finals won’t kill you. It just might feel that way.

Organization can be your best friend. Make sure to get all of your house keeping down a week before finals week. That’s usually called dead week if you’re in college. Make your flashcards, type up your notes, and do any other little things that help you study. If you have this stuff done, then the week before and during finals week, you can get down to studying.

If you have trouble getting yourself to study, a good idea is to keep your space organized. If you study in your room, keep it clean. Finding “your” study space can also help. Some people study better in a library, others at their kitchen table. Finding where you do your best studying can help you loads.

When in doubt, talk to your teachers. If you don’t understand the material, talk to your teachers. If you get test anxiety, talk to your teachers. Ask them the format of the questions, how many there will be, etc. It can really help relieve your anxiety if you know how to prepare for the test. If you have too many finals on one day, talk to your teachers. Some teachers will let you reschedule your test during another time they’ll be giving their exam.

Time management really is the key to surviving your finals. Motivation is hard, and we’ve all fallen victim to procrastination, but we have to be strong. Set aside certain times of the day when you study best, be that early in the morning or late at night. You don’t have to work on just one thing. If you’ve been studying history for a while, take a break from that and study biology. Never ever cram! Cramming hurts you more than it helps. Taking breaks can be a good thing because it allows your brain time to absorb the information. Also, don’t go out late when studying for finals. That is not a good idea for a break, instead, watch an episode of your favorite show or get on Facebook.

When it comes to finals, the most important things to remember are breathe, you won’t die, and it will all be over soon. It’s a stressful time, but imagine how good it will feel when you get your amazing grades back to show your parents. It sometimes feels like you never have enough time, but in the end, it will all be okay.

You can do this.

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