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  • Harriet Patrick

Things we put on our face : Makeup Application

Give your beauty regimen an upgrade with these helpful tips!

Photos by Harriet Patrick

Makeup is a challenging skill and we can’t all be like those self-taught MUAs that we see on Instagram - WOW! Everyone does have the ability, however, to hugely improve their makeup skills with a few simple tricks and helpful hints.

I know the pain of trying to apply makeup using brushes and sponges clogged from previous uses; it’s gross, don’t let it happen. Simply rubbing baby shampoo into your brushes and running them under warm water is the perfect way to clean your brushes without the task consuming your time. Dry them in front of a window that gets a lot of sunlight for 24 hours and your makeup application will be a lot smoother (literally and figuratively).

Contouring is a massive challenge and it will take a lot of time to master, mine still looks a bit like dirt sometimes. For a while I thought I could get by with a light brown eye shadow, oh no no. It is imperative to purchase an actual bronzer (it doesn’t have to be pricey) and make sure it suits your skin tone. I have to go with a very light bronzer because I am as pale as Casper the Friendly Ghost.

To truly make your eyes pop, make sure you know the shades that compliment your eye colour. For example, my eyes are blue, so I stick to neutral shades, except when I’m feeling adventurous and I try purple eyeshadow, which is also complimentary. If you are particularly partial to blue eyeshadow, but find that it dulls your baby blues, stick to darker shades like navy. There is a whole array of websites that will tell you the complimentary colours for your eyes.

Finally, although I have an abundance of makeup tips to share with you, make sure you use the right brushes. I know we would all love a set of Zoeva, Mac or Sigma brushes, but unfortunately money doesn’t always allow us to splurge on those beautiful, beautiful luxuries. Starting with a cheaper set of makeup brushes will do the job!

I use a kabuki brush for powder, a small, packed bristle brush for blush, a flat, slanted brush for bronzer and highlight (hypocritical much) and array of different brushes for my eyeshadow. A beauty blender comes in handy for my foundation and concealer, which suits me just fine. As long as you try to vary your brushes so your makeup doesn’t mix together, it will be wonderful for your makeup regimen.

BONUS: Make sure to perfect your skin care so you have a brilliant base for your makeup. Cleanse, tone, moisturize and always remember to take your makeup off (even after a long night when you just want to snuggle up in bed).

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