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  • Romi Geller

Romi’s Rambles: An Introduction of sorts

Stories from my seventeen years on this earth.

Personally, I have never been good at introductions. I could either go with a handshake, however due to my unfortunate case of awkwardly sweaty hands, handshakes have never been exactly my “go-to”. I could also try to “woo” you over with a smooth head nod, but seeing that “smooth” isn't exactly in my repertoire of skills, I would much rather pass on the opportunity to look like an outrageous bobble head. My cup of tea would be giving a hug to my reader and going straight into conversing, however due to my circumstances, I feel like an introduction is needed, so here goes nothing.

My name is Romi Geller. I am Israeli by birth and a Texan by an enormous amount of relocation, thanks to my father. I have a rather large obsession with the 70’s singer, Billy Joel, and have a huge heart for children and enormous dogs. I am a junior in high school and an avid reader. My absolute favorite hobby is writing, which explains why I am here talking to you. Although the majority of content in this column will be stories from my seventeen years on this earth and advice on the things I have picked up during those years, my true passion is writing narrative poetry. I am the biggest (not so hopeless) romantic you may come across, nice to meet you, and maybe even too optimistic about the world than I should be.

Now, let's talk about Ramblings. What I hope for you to find in my column is a spark to your day. Rather this spark comes from a story I have shared with you or lesson I have learned, I hope you close your computer screen and come back to reality a little bit happier than you were before. As I find my way through this unnatural form of communication, I hope that I somehow can make someone somewhere a bit happier.

All the love,


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