• Andreya Klobucar

Editor's Letter: Lady Sings The Pinks

I created this photo series about finding peace in doing nothing to help myself move on from the idea of perfection...for the tenth time in two months. Most of the time, no matter how hard I work on something it can never reach my standards of completion. I create expectations so high that I physically hurt when they are not met. So, I took these photos an hour ago with only a few stray creative thoughts and zero expectations...and guess what? I love it.

The captions of each photo will tell you something you can do while you're home alone on valentines day. Why be Blue when you can be pink? Amiright?

This month's theme is "Moving On". I guess we're twisting up the month of love into the month of getting over ourselves (because honestly, most of us are under the delusion that valentines day is the only day that gives us another chance at romance -- then our expectations are crushed by our crushes who at most gift us with a yellow rose).

I love all of you and keep loving you!

Andreya <3

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