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  • Nicole Palmer

Selfish: An Introduction

It’s time to talk about the most important person in the room: YOU.

Art by Isis Petit

There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first every once in awhile, in fact I encourage it. In order to help other people you need to be your best self.

“Self Care” is a bit of a buzz term, thrown around on the Internet a lot. There are a couple different conflicting definitions. At it’s core, it is exactly what it sounds like: taking care of yourself.

Self-care can mean different things for different people at different times. Sometimes it's taking a bath after a long, hard, day and sometimes it’s turning off the Netflix marathon so you can finish your homework or do that thing your Mom keeps asking you to do. Self-care is anything that makes you feel good both right then and also in the future.

Sometimes you have to avoid situations or people that are “toxic” or don't make you feel like your best self. You owe it to yourself to put your best foot forward! It’s okay to indulge yourself with treats when you deserve it, and it’s awesome to take care of your body by trading out your morning coffee for a smoothie. Say hi to that girl wearing the awesome jacket and maybe you’ll make a new friend. You deserve more than loneliness.

Make a habit of loving yourself. It’s not easy to do, and it won’t happen overnight but we can all do it. You have to be selfish before you can be selfless.

What I mean by that is, if you’re picking up more shifts at your part time job than you can handle, be honest about that. If you’re stressed out, you won’t be the best employee because you can’t be present and focus on the tasks at hand. If you work even a little less, you’ll have more energy to really do your best at work.

My personal struggle with self-care is staying consistent. I often find myself slumped in my bed, scrolling through Tumblr, wondering when my last shower was, or, working 30+ hours a week on top of school and neglecting my family and friends because I’m simply not making them a priority. Balance is a key part of self-care, and I always find it to be the most difficult.

Focus on making choices that will lead to both short term and long term happiness in your life, and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

I’ll see you next month. Send any questions you may have to: nicolepalmer.mimpmag@gmail.com

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