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DIY NYE Headbands!

Count down the minutes in style with your own custom NYE headbands.

New Years Eve is upon us! We created these two, very different headbands; one for the superstar in your life (that could most definitely be you by the way) and one for the boho fairy who refuses to be tacky or do anything mainstream or that doesn't match their Instagram feed (that one is probably me).

These are super easy last minute ideas to help you "Shine" into the new year...

They each take about ten minutes to put together. If you don't have old Holiday decorations lying around or any of this art supplies already, just make a quick stop at the dollar store (they're practically giving away their Christmas merchandise).


Some things you'll need for both of these crafts!

(You can decorate your headbands however you so choose! Here's what we came up with!)

We used a hot glue gun to add tinsel to glam-up this light-up dollar store headband.


I had this headband in my craft box and used floral tape to give it a "flower crown" look. Yellow was a bit on the bright side.

I glued faux daisies (but this would be way cooler with real ones) around the top of the headband. Any flowers will work! (I wanted to use toy animals as well, but my brother didn't seem to be in a very sharing spirit).

Then I took a piece of brown card board and wrote "2016", traced it with a silver marker and glued it to the headband. Voila! A really homemade looking project that will warm the hearts of everyone in the room!

Wishing you lots of successful emergency dance parties.



The Mimp Mag Team!

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