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Window Shopping from Soho


The holiday season seems to have come and gone. It is one of the biggest times of the year for New York shops (right next to September fashion week). Stores that didn’t do as well in the fall quarter are trying their best to step of their game this season to bring customers in and raise their amount of shareholders. Not only are there awesome sales during this time but visual merchandisers are blowing it out of the park with their window displays. As I walked around SoHo in New York City near the beginning of the season, here were some of my favorites:

Prince Street:

This private boutique’s display was absolutely stunning, with great usage of the fake snow and winter whites to make the evening gowns pop. With fake snow, it is usually a difficult feat to not look tacky, but the display was decorated with just the right amount. It made the overall display very elegant.

(left to right)

Mac: Broadway

My favorite holiday season decoration is fairy lights; They help celebrate all holidays during December without the tired Christmas theme. Mac Cosmetics hit the mark with silver and purple vines decorating their shop window (ah you can also see yours truly).

Splendid: Spring Street

Simple snow covered vines behind the warmer clothing was a nice touch to the holiday theme of Spring Street while still keeping things sophisticated. I liked Splendid’s window a lot because of the crisp feel of everything; the winter whites paired with furs really tied together the clean-cut and put-together feel of the shop.

Dash: Spring Street

I’m always loving Dash’s displays and their merchandisers definitely didn’t disappoint for December. With the silver spray painted pumpkins at the bottom along with the more casual pieces for the holidays, they kept it cool and chic with a pop of glam.

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