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Weekly Poll Results: Pretty Personal

Hello loves,

Here are last week's poll results! Thanks for submitting your answers!

Be sure to sign up to answer this week's poll, coming to you monday morning!

The first question was:

What do you do when you get your period but you don't have pads!!!?

This happens to so many of us and we thought it would be cool for you guys to tell us what you would do in this situation!

50% of you said that you would ask the first person you see if they can help and keep asking until you are sucsessful.

20% of you said your best friend comes to your rescue. In the meantime, you hideout in the bathroom until they can sneak out of class.

30% voted themselves as an official Girl Scout: In other words, you guys rough it with the good old toilet paper trick until you can smoke signal for help.

The second question asked:

What do you do when you come home after school, tired and hungry?

87% said you grab a spoon, the nutella and turn on Netflix.

10% are all about the healthy snacks and homework! Looks like we have some entreprenuers out there...

5% Don't even go home after school. You girls head straight to work, where the ka-ching is made and where dreams of new shoes become a reality.

#poll #october2015 #falling #memberexclusive