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The Queen of Sci-Fi Fairytale Retellings

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​This 19-year-old student already has 6 books under her belt.

If you saw Pauline C. Harris on the streets, you might think “college student”, but your first thought probably wouldn’t be “published author”.

But that is just what Pauline is.

So far some of her published works include the Mechanical trilogy, which she sums up in one word as “robots!’, Puppet, a sci-fi retelling of Pinocchio, and Hourglass, a sci-fi retelling of Peter Pan, starring a female Captain Hook.

The young author began writing stories when she was seven years old. "I used to type up page-long stories on my parents’ computer, print them out, and fold them into little books.” she said. She also says that her love of stories like Doctor Who and Harry Potter inspire her to continue to write her own tales.

To get inspiration for her own stories, Pauline creates a music playlist and Pinterest board related to her story, and then "I lock myself away and pore over those two things until I have enough inspiration to hammer out an outline.”

Recently, Pauline finds it fun to add her own new twist to a classic tale with an established fan base. To her “it never gets old”.

I know that many MimpMag readers may aspire to write books of their own someday so I asked Pauline for tips to pass on to aspiring authors. She told us,

“Don’t let discouragement get you down. It’s so, so easy. Writing and publishing can be a ruthless world and I can’t even count how many times I seriously considered giving up and never writing or publishing again. It happens when you read your work and realize you hate it. It happens when you send out query letters for three years with no interest at all. It happens when you publish your book and don’t meet your selling goals. It happens when you get nasty one star reviews. But I promise that it’s all completely worth it! I’m very lucky I had supportive friends and family who practically forced me to keep at my goals, so I wanted to pass on the advice.”

Get to know Pauline as a fellow booknerd!

MimpMag: If you could be any one of your characters for a day, who would you be and why?

Pauline: I think I would be Jude from my Peter Pan retelling, Hourglass. Other than battling crazy monsters and escaping creepy planets, I think it would be pretty awesome to not only travel in space, but to pilot your own ship.

M: Who is your all-time favorite book character?

P: This is so hard! There are so many that I love… I think I’ll have to go with Fang from the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. He was my first book crush (twelve-year-old me was smitten) and we’re also very similar in personalities.

M: Book-to-movie adaptations or book-to-TV adaptations?

P: I’m a big fan of the Hunger Games movies. I think they did a fantastic job of staying true to the books while making some really great movies. I’m also obsessed with The 100 TV show. This is terrible of me, but I haven’t actually read the books, so it’s motivating me to get into those.

Pauline is sure to publish more books, with multiple stories in the works right now like a Beauty and the Beast retelling and a possible Sleeping Beauty story as well. If you’re interested, definitely check out her current works. Her website has a list of all her books here: https://paulinecharris.wordpress.com/my-books/

Also check out the links below to buy her books on amazon!

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