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FNPL: Listen to your girls #1| GLORIOUS


Let's face facts: only women can understand women.

Sometimes, when your mind is too boy-cluttered and tricking you into boy-fusion, you have to have a moment to just listen to your girls. They are almost always right. Whether you are jamming out alone, or at having real talk at a spontaneous slumber party, this new monthly series featuring fiesty female artists will screw with your emotions and make you feel things - Tonight, that feeling is GLORIOUS! So get ready to shake your groove thang!

Listen to the playlist here

1. Glory of Love | Bette Midler

(If you want to cry thinking of the film, Beaches)

Pretty Hurts | Beyoncé

(Of course queen B is on this list and this song just makes you feel confident af)

I'll Be Seeing You | Billie Holiday

(Listen to this while taking a hot bath, reading your favourite novel and distressing from your day)

Show Me How You Burlesque | Christina Aguilera

(Put this one on max volume and just belt it. This works for any Burlesque song)

Fighter | Christina Aguilera

(Makes you feel like you have the strength to dominate all men)

A Thousand Years | Christina Perri

(When you realize you don't want to dominate all men and you want some lovin)

Bootylicious & No No No | Destinys child

(Don't think about it, just dance)

What Kind of Man | Florence and the Machine

(If you need to let out some anger, this is the song! I am telling you! Shake your head, stomp your feet, the bass will take over your body. If you don't believe me, ask Drey)

Over the Love | Florence and the Machine

(Reminds me of great Gatsby and that is reason enough to listen)

Doubt | Kitten

(This one's just groovy)

Young and Beautiful | Lana del Rey

(A. cause you're all young and beautiful and B. Cause you know how I feel about Lana and if you don't go read my "Endless Summer Tour" article)

Can't be Love | Laura Izibor

(Because her voice is so powerful, I feel like I can change the world after listening)

Charmed Life | Leigh Nash

(No explanation needed for this one. Just be happy cause this song makes me happy)

We Ride | Rihanna

(Because you can always use a little old school Rihanna in your life)

Be Without You | Mary J Blige

(After singing along to this for a while, I guarantee you that you'll think you can hit that last note...you probably can't. Do it anyway)

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