• Words and Photos by: Heather Taylor-Singh

Taylor Swift Lights Up Toronto


Taylor Swift wows us again with her 2nd night in Toronto for her 1989 World Tour.

Taylor Swift has done it again ladies and gents. On Saturday, October 3rd, I headed downtown Toronto to see the lovely Taylor Swift in concert at the Rogers Centre. Here’s what I thought of it: IT WAS MAGICAL.

While Canadian fans impatiently waited for Miss Swift to grace us with her presence, Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy took the stage. Out of the two, I loved Shawn Mendes. I still question how someone the same age as me could have such a wonderful voice. Vance Joy on the other hand, was exactly how I had imagined him. His voice, soulful and deep, had that "underground music lounge" vibe, but lacked the vocal power to capture 50,000 people's attention. But alas, they were both great. Being a few sections shy from the stage, I was even more excited about what was to come.

The wardrobe was one thing I was really looking forward to, but all the Tumblr posts in the world could not prepare me for the perfection that is Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour wardrobe. Mong my favourites was the white bejeweled two-piece set with the over the knee boots and garters. It was so chic and classy - I REALLY WANT THAT OUTFIT OK? The “Shake If Off” outfit was another favourite; Pink, glitter AND fringe? What more could one want in an epic finale ensemble? Not much, I can tell you that with confidence. This may or may not be turning into a love letter addressed to Taylor Swift’s tour costume designers - no appologies at all [Editor's note: Me neither].

As far as performances go, they were all phenomenal. Taylor Swift commands the stage, maintaining the centre of attention, even with all the lights flashing and the colourful costumes. Watching Swift strut down the catwalk singing “New Romantics”, one of my favourite tracks off of 1989, definitely made the night. For those who weren't there Swift killed it with an incredible "Lorde-infused" version of “I Knew You Were Trouble”. The atmosphere, assisted by her black, leather outfit, was powerful.

Another gorgeous performance was the “Enchanted/Wildest Dreams” mashup. Watching Swift pressing the keys on the piano while they crowd sung along, was pure bliss.

As if things couldn’t get any better, Swift brought out Charli XCX, calling her "one of the best songwriters in the industry right now", to sing her hit single “Boom Clap”. Charli XCX’s outfit really made the show also. Hello, yellow furry arm cuffs?!

Lastly, can I just talk about Taylor’s mini philosophy lessons? Prior to her performances of “Fifteen” and “Clean”, Swift proceeded to talk about her life lessons, and how letting other people’s opinions get to you is no way to live your life. If singing doesn’t work out, Taylor should definitely take up motivational speaking.

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