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  • By: Isabella Sheffield

Friday Night Playlist: ANTI-BLUES

We are in dire need of an emergency dance party.

Its time… School is a reality now and not some far off thought, lost in a summer daze. We might be panicking a little...

It’s a time where we all say goodbye to staying out late, laughing with friends, and doing what we want to do, when we want to do it. It’s a time to say hello to the structure and the repetitious school schedule.

Goodbye to waking up whenever the time feels right and hello to that snooze button who was getting a little lonely.

Now going back to school can be scary and most definitely a little bit sad (let’s be honest, it’s kind of devastating). But where is the fun in being sad?


There are some songs to help you reminisce over the amazing summer you had, to cope with moving on and getting back into the swing of things, and some super empowering tunes to really make you feel great about yourself! So here it is! Time to get over those back to school blues!

Listen to the Playlist here

  1. “Love Myself” Hailee Steinfeld

  2. “The Run and Go” Twenty One Pilots

  3. “Freedom” Pharell Williams

  4. “New Americana” Halsey

  5. “Pumpin’ Blood (The Jane Doze Remix)” NONONO

  6. “Girls Like Girls” Hayley Kiyoko

  7. “Shut up and Dance” Walk the Moon

  8. “Recreational Love” The Bird and the Bee

  9. “White Nights” Oh Land

  10. “Tight Rope” Janelle Monáe feat. Big Boi

  11. “I Like You so Much Better When You’re Naked” Ida Maria

  12. “High by the Beach” Lana Del Rey

  13. “Search Party” Sam Bruno

  14. “My Type” Saint Motel

  15. “Go Outside” Cults

  16. “Crickets” Drop City Yacht Club

  17. “Peaches” In the Valley Below

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