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  • By Isabella Sheffield

Back to School Basics: The Essentials (plus printables)

8 back to school basics that will never do you wrong!

Going back to school couldn’t possibly be anyone’s idea of a good time, but getting ready and going “back to school” shopping is always a must!

Being prepared for the year ahead will most definitely reduce the amount of stress you have to deal with and will help to make your experiences throughout the year seem fun! Some of us are already a few weeks into school, but this will always be relevant.

  1. The Perfect bag/backpack

The school year can’t get started without the perfect bag or backpack. Choose something fun, comfortable, and that you can stand to carry around for the next 8 months of your life! If you plan to take a lot of extracurricular activities, choose something with tons of storage and flexibility.

  1. Notebooks+Binders Inspire yourself to write! Pick up a few simple notebooks and binders at your local dollar store along with some craft supplies. Design them yourself! Collages are our favorite way to glam up our school supplies. You can print off these MimpMag printables below. Use them to decorate and customize your books. Be sure to share your masterpieces with us by tweeting your photos to @mimpmag.

  1. Pens/Pencils (plus a case)

Pens and pencils are a total must have, I mean how else are you planning to take notes? Go for mechanical pencils to refrain from having to find access to a sharpener. For precise and smooth note taking, I would recommend Pilot G-2 or Staetdler pens. Finding a cute storage pouch for all your pencils, pens, and highlighters is super fun and easy, and if you don’t want to spend any money, try using and old makeup bag!

  1. Folders Folders help to hold loose handouts from teachers, homework, study sheets, and returned work. You can choose to either go with the plain, sleek look or totally design these as well.

  2. The emergency pack Some may say this is a bit unnecessary, but I like to be prepared. Keep a mini makeup bag full of emergency supplies. I like to include hair ties, bobby pins, two band-aids, a pad, a tampon, some hand cream, oil blotting sheets, and a mini sewing kit (for those random mishaps that tend to follow me throughout the school year).

  3. The “Go-To” read Having something fun to read is always a good idea. Reading from boring textbooks all day can become stressful. Having a book or magazine of your choice is definitely going to bring about a positive spin on your day.

  4. Planner Being organized is the key to success for a stress free and easy year. Keeping a planner around will help you keep track of when assignments are due, when a test is, or when a major deadline is closing in.

  5. Miscellaneous Keeping gum, mints, house keys, a school ID, some cash, chapstick, and anything else you might end up needing, is always the last step to being fully prepared to kick the year off right!

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