• By: Heather Taylor­Singh

Style Steal: The Lisbon Look

Don't Panic: Tips on how to look like the girls who Hypnotize us.

With summer at it's end, you’ll find that music festivals are few and far between and that means goodbye to the flash tattoos and glitter, and hello to something less, well, flashy.

It’s no surprise that “The Virgin Suicides” brought fame to the then rookie to directing, Sofia Coppola. The story of the Lisbon sisters was addicting, yet terrifying, topped off with a pink glossy pout. Their faces were so fresh, with minimal makeup and tousled waves, making them look so effortless and desireable.

The ending of the film left us thinking: “How could these beautiful girls just throw it all away?"

Well, don’t panic. Here’s how to throw it back to the 70’s with the Lisbon sisters, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll walk away with a Tripp Fontaine of your own. Fingers crossed.

Light Coloured Lipglosses

Whether it’s clear, pink or even a light berry, lighter lipglosses are perfect for the “less is more” look. I mean look how far it got Lux Lisbon. Quickly swipe a light coloured gloss on the lips, rub them together to distribute the product, and voila!

Rosy Pink Blush

Rosy cheeks were very popular among the Lisbon sisters. They were most likely not allowed to wear much makeup (I mean, with parents like theirs?), but a light hand with a rosy pink blush will give you the perfect cutesy look, without looking embarrassed.

Tousled Waves

The Lisbon sisters, mainly Lux and Therese, sported very chic, yet messy hairstyles. The messy look seems to be a thing these days, so don’t fret too much. If you’re blessed with messy, but not too messy

bedhead, go for that. If not, a light curling (and we mean light) should do the trick.

Now.. Slip on your flowiest white dress (or top) and go get your Tripp Fontaine!

White Dresses

Finish of the look with a soft coloured, flowing dress or shirt. You can also try some of these looks to shake up this style steal and make it your own.

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