• Adriana Parente

Decked in Denim: 3 ways to stand out!

What you wear is a reflection of what you feel. If you want to end the summer with a

bang, show it in your attire.

1.The Canadian Tuxedo, more well known as denim on denim, is a risky but outstanding outfit choice. Wear it with confidence and you will stand out (in the best way possible).

A way to ease into the look is by pairing different shades of denim together. Try doing

blue and black denim for a contrast and easy-going look. This is not as intimidating, but still makes a statement.

If you really want to go for it, pair different levels of blues together. Try a pair of jean shorts and tuck in a denim button up [Editor's note: This rocks!].

2. Now that you are decked-out in denim it is time to add a pop of colour. And the best part is, your shoe choice does not have to be uncomfortable. Pair a simple outfit with a coloured sneaker, and you are stylish and party ready. I hate having to choose between the two!

I chose to go with these awesome red converse shoes. Red is sure to catch the eye of every person you pass.

3. Minimal jewelry may seem simplistic, but a little goes a long way. Ensure your choice of accessory displays its own character. For example: a geometric design, jeweling or size.

Here are two of my favourite jewelry pieces that always stand out.

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