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Dear Vanessa,

After this summer, I'll be starting high school and I have no idea what to expect or how to make new friends. Help?

Nervous Noel


Dear Noel,

Congratulations on starting a new chapter of your academic career! This is a very exciting time and a great opportunity to make new friends. If your school has orientation for grade nines, I strongly advise you to attend, and to smile at as many people as possible! Ha! I know that sounds really awkward but I swear it works.

Everyone will be nervous and many people will be searching for new friends. This is the time to make a good first impression.The first few weeks of school will be similar; many people will be searching for someone to sit with in the cafeteria. Be open, be friendly, and be your lovely self! In class, you may want to exchange phone numbers with your seating partners so you can help each other when one of you is absent, and a casual conversation about elementary school or how early you had to wake up wouldn't be a bad idea either. Joining clubs or teams is another great way to meet people you have something in common with, and will also help you get to know some teachers.

I didn’t realize we are on an episode of Myth-Busters but lets bust a myth here. If you don’t make friends on the first week of school you aren’t going to be friendless forever! Some of the best friends you might ever have will just sort of appear. When you get to eleventh and twelfth grade, you’ll share classes with people who have similar interests and you will bond!

Many people become overwhelmed by homework and assignments; one solution: do not procrastinate, ever. This is a tough habit to break, but an easy one to prevent. Budget your time wisely and you can avoid so much stress! That said, if you ever need an extension on an assignment, ask a teacher far in advance. Provide a note from a parent if needed, explaining the reason you needed extra time.

This is infinitely better than simply handing in an assignment late; it shows responsibility rather than carelessness. If teachers offer to stay after school to provide extra help, take advantage of this. Not only will you be able to ask questions and reinforce your knowledge, but you are also letting your teacher know that understanding the material is a priority.

The best advice that I can give you for high school and your life beyond is that it never hurts to be kind. You don't have to like everyone, and you don't have to hang out with people you don't like, but you will never regret being nice.

You can learn something from everyone, even (especially!) people you don’t get along with. Remember that everyone is at a different point in his or her journey to maturity, and that you go to high school to learn and grow. Go forth, be your amazing self, and blossom! Best of luck!

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