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Paper Towns Movie Review (more than paper performances)

Get Lost, Get Found… But Make Sure to See Paper Towns Along the Way

“You have to get lost before you can find yourself.”

This simple phrase echoes the ambiance of a summer adventure, and with it comes a summer adventure about love, loss and unique happy endings. Paper Towns hit theatres July 24th and literally blew up the box office!

The theatre is packed - as it probably was the night before – with fans dying to feast their eyes on what is sure to be one of two things: a masterpiece or a mess. As many of us book lovers admit, we are quite particular over our book-to-movie adaptations. Will it live up to the book? Or will it fail John Green’s unmistakably characteristic writing? However John Green’s initial reaction to the film did help to slightly lessen our doubts.

I walked into the theatre thinking that the feel of Paper Towns would only echo the vibe of The Fault in Our Stars (2014). The movies are both adapted from YA novels by the talented John Green. But as the lights turned down and the book came to life on screen, I realized my presumptions had been wrong.

While The Fault in Our Stars focuses on serious matters, Paper Towns is carefree, wild, and dares us to adventure in these last few moments of the summer. I laugh and wear a smile on my face even after the movie was over. I seriously need to take a road trip.

Aside from the witty yet spectacular script, the cinematography is beautiful. Now, I’m no expert on the movie business, but the way each shot is composed in a scene really adds a level of excitement and reality to the storyline.

But wait, there’s more! The indie-rock of the composition of songs has me seriously grooving in my seat (without shame I might add). You can’t go wrong with Vance Joy!

Cara Delevingne as Margo steals the show. Cara provides Margo’s character with an underlying depth that renders her three-dimensional.

Overall, Paper Towns is one big ball of fun. The characters leave me challenging my own identity, especially Margo.

So before the last days of summer dwindle away, make sure to dash off to the cinema to go on this adventure of a film to experience the true essence of summer… and maybe even take a cheeky road trip afterwards.

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