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  • Natalie Rosenquist

Please Stop

Health trends alway seem to pop up EVERYWHERE. We are constantly surrounded by them online and on social media. However, when these fateful trends are attempted...things don’t always go as planned.

I bet we all know the recent crazes that have swept the nation yielding fruitless promises of a healthier life. Vegan, gluten free, raw, juice cleanses, the list can go on and on.

The Juice Plague

I have seen my fair share of health misadventures through my years. I’ve had to comfort sad friends while they lament saying, “Why can a week long juice cleanse work for girls living in California but not for girls like me in the Midwest?” It is nothing more than disappointing to us.

These Juice cleanses have more negative impacts than positive and unfortunately have become all too popular. They lack the protein and calories we need to be active in our daily lives. What happened to all of the things we learned in health class [Editor’s note: Yeah! The Canada Food Guide]?

Forget the Celebs

Because of what is known as Diet Journalism - teens and young women have even more access to celebrity eating habits than ever before. Veganism has become more popular as a fast weight loss solution - but is that really what teens should be focused on?

In today’s society, we are constructed to believe that having a slimming figure is attractive. These thought plague our minds but what we should really be thinking is: why do we continue to strive for these ideals when we know they are impossible?

Listen to your Body

Eventually [hopefully] we will come to recognize what our own individual bodies require to truly feel good. You don’t need to read about how to achieve Ariana Grande’s thighs, but rather read into your body and listen to what it is telling you.

Listening to your body is how you will become the healthiest version of you. It seems so basic, but the misadventures of health really do make us to be able to fine tune our health choices so that we can feel the best.

Our health trials that may end up failing, really actually help us in t

You think you had a misadventure with your health? Read about Megan Sullivan, who was diagnosed with skin cancer right in the midst of her adventurous years?! It you listen to that little voice in your head guiding you and telling you to embrace yourself, nothing but good things will follow.

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