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  • Heather Taylor-Singh

The Colour Queen

Anna Jones is young, sweet, and you guessed it.. Only seventeen.

I’ve seen Anna Jones pass by me in the halls numerous times with a new colour each time. Today, I finally get to talk to her about them all as we speedily walk up the stairs to dreaded “hot hallway”, where we sit down at the nearest table where the Q + A begins.

Heather: So, how many hair colours have you had?

Anna: How many hair colours have I had? *laughs* I have no idea. Around 15 in grade nine and around 10 in grade twelve. I’m going to guess and say around 30. But it’s only because a colour will go from, say, dark blue to light blue.

H: Wow! So many! Which colour was your favourite?

A: Blue. Blue is my favourite. It’s kind of like a light, water-y blue.

H: Would you ever dye it back to that colour?

A: Well I can’t because my hair is.. My hair is super fucked. It’s really fried from how I bleached it this second time. But theoretically I would dye it blue, but I’m not going to.

H: Was there ever a person, who said “This isn’t a good idea, you’re going to ruin your hair?”

A: Yeah, everyone.

H: Really?

A: Oh, yeah. But it’s because I never took good care of my hair. All of the salon people said that, but I didn’t hear it too much because I mainly dyed it myself.

H: Do you have one big hair “horror” story? Where everything went wrong?

A: My hair right now, is a hair horror story. Usually I bleach my hair myself, but this time I let my friend bleach my roots. Roots are harder to dye than your whole head and you have to separate pieces to get to roots and she did it. But it screwed up and there were blotches of hair that weren’t touched and because of that, I have little pieces near the centre of my scalp… Because my hair broke. *She gestures to her head*

H: So, what has been your most drastic hair change thus far?

A: Well, I went from black all the way to white blonde over the course of 3 months.

H: Really? That’s actually really cool. I wish I could dye my hair, but I feel like it would be frizzier than it already is.

A: Everyone says that! I think it’s a confidence thing. I mean, I dye my hair and I always think it looks like crap, not always, but sometimes. I’ve had highlighter pink roots with orange hair, and I come to school and people say: “You look so good! You pull it off so well!”. If you go into it not caring what it looks like then the reaction of people is different.


Five questions to end off the interview...

H: Do you like dying your hair different colours?

A: Yeah. I love changing things.

H: What’s your biggest hair pet peeve?

A: Um.. When you hair breaks at the root! I don’t like blowdrying my hair, if that’s a pet peeve.

H: Do you have any products you use to keep your hair “semi-intact”?

A: Heat protector and Moroccan Oil are the only things that I use.

H: Do you like your current hair colour?

A: Yeah, but I wish it was more red and more full. It’s kind of drab and dull now.

H: What do you think is next for your hair?

A: I’m going to make it darker, and after that, let it be healthy.

Afterwards, we head outside to take a couple photos, and I thank her for doing this. To end off the interview I ask her if she likes the song “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. “Probably. Why? What does that mean?” she asks. “You’ll see”.

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