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  • Payton Landrum

Saturday Watch list: CHEESY LOVES


When Juli meets bryce: I think we can all agree on my death by adorableness after watching this scene.

Camp Takota

Who doesn’t love summer camp, smores, campfires, bugs, and friendship? This movie reminded me of the joys I had when I was younger and went to a sleep-away camp with my sister, although the camp in this movie seemed a lot more eventful than my own experience.

Dirty Dancing

This movie has a way of capturing my heart every time I watch and it has everything we dream of in a perfect summer: Dancing, Fancy Resorts, Summer Love, incredible quotes (“nobody puts Baby in a corner”) and, of course, Patrick Swayze. Watch the Hungry Eyes clip...

Paper Towns

Q has been helplessly in love with Margo since he can remember, so when she enlists his help for a night of adventure and revenge, he’s all in. But when she disappears the next morning he must use the few clues she left behind to find her.

John Green is a YA genius, and I can’t imagine any book he writes not being exceptional on the big screen, especially when it is filled with adventure, road trips, and Nat Wolff (I mean, have you seen him?). Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post for an awesome review of the movie! But for tonight's viewing pleasures check out this clip that will leave you so excited you might find it hard to breathe! Wait, maybe that's just me.

Monte Carlo

Watch the scene where things get weird before they get complitcated. Grace is mistaken for Cordelia, a rich British socialite, her failing trip to Paris turns into a week of fashion, fun, and cute boys, but when the real Cordelia returns, things get a little complicated.

I remember watching this movie when I was younger and falling in love with the idea! Everyone needs a cheesy, fun movie like this sometimes, right? [Editor’s note: RIGHT!]


And last, to end your late saturday night boredom, some funny clips from Grease!

Sandy, a sweet girl from Australia, and Danny, a greaser, fall in love over the summer, but when Sandy moves to Danny’s school their difference suddenly comes between the two. It follows high school students in the 1950s and their struggles to find themselves.

Who doesn’t love Summer Lovin’ and a good old 50’s show? Grease is the perfect example of a fun summer movie classic.

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