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  • Simone

Quick Review: Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone

Written by Morgan Matson

Reviewed by Simone

Emily and Sloane are best friends. They have been for two years. Emily can’t imagine life without her. After all, it was Sloane who brought excitement into her otherwise lackluster life. But at the beginning of what was supposed to be their most epic summer, Sloane disappears!

No phone call, no text, no nothing.

That is, until Emily gets a to-do list in the mail from her. Some tasks seem simple enough, like “apple picking at night” and “sleep under the stars”. Other tasks are downright crazy, such as “go skinny dipping” and “kiss a stranger”.

Emily sees a way back to Sloane through the list. As unexpected as it may be, she enlists the help of Frank Porter (class president, all-around good guy, total cutie) [Editor's Note: I HEART FRANK PORTER] to check each task off her list, creating a summer she never expected.

I thought the characters in the story were really well developed. Everyone had their own quirks and flaws. I especially liked Emily’s character. She’s shy, insecure, and hasn’t really found herself yet. I can completely relate to that.

I can also relate to her social awkwardness. Not knowing what to say, feeling shy around new people, feeling my face flush when I think I say something stupid. She hides behind Sloane’s larger than life personality. But take that away and Emily is an amazing person all on her own.

Even though the story was a little bit predictable (knowing everything on the list before it was going to happen) it was fun to see Emily come up with creative ways to accomplish each task.

My favorite thing was seeing Emily come out of her shell throughout the book. The adventures she goes on are truly epic. They make me want to make my own summer a little more interesting by doing something unexpected. Overall, I thought Since You’ve Been Gone was the perfect fun summer read.

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