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  • Andreya Klobucar

The Summer Reads Short List

Payton Landrum

Saint Anything

The story follows Sydney, a star student and ‘good girl’, who is constantly overshadowed by her brother, Peyton. When Peyton injures someone in a drunken driving accident, Sydney must try to get her life back to normal all while balancing the guilt that no one else will claim.

Sarah Dessen has a way of keeping me up all night, recalling the characters and situation months after I’ve read the book. I got my hands on an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) at a convention in Texas, and I can’t wait to dive into the final copy!

Every Last Word

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone is about Samantha, a popular high school student, who struggles with Purely Obsessional Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Pure-O). Her battle with her thoughts causes her to criticize everything that goes through her head.

This book really surprised me. It turned out to be a very fast and interesting read.

I still find myself thinking about Sam at times. The book pulled me in and kept me in a way that is rare for me. I definitely recommend this book!

The Walls around Us

The Walls around Us by Nova Ren Suma, described as a “supernatural tale of guilt and of innocence”, truly sounds incredible and intriguing. It is a dark novel about Violet, Amber, and Orianna’s battle with the truth of one night’s events that changed everything.

Though it is not what I normally would think of as a summer read (with beaches and hot guys), this line is enough to make me run to my local Barnes and Noble: “Not one of us was truly innocent, not when we were made to stand in the light, our bits and cavities and cavity fillings exposed.”

Carry On

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is a spin-off of her bestselling novel, Fangirl. It follows Simon Snow in his last year at the School of Magicks. Described as a “ghost story, love story, a mystery and a melodrama,” it seems like the perfect mixture to add to our summer reading list.

I’m super excited about this book because it will give us more about Simon Snow than just the snippets from Fangirl. I feel like I am already part of the School of Magicks world, and I can’t wait to dive in further!

Love Lucy

Love Lucy is the perfect romance and travel book by April Linder. The overall theme kind of reminded by of Just One Day by Gayle Foreman. (another must read!) It follows Lucy at the end of her backpacking in Italy and the beginning of her relationship with a boy she met in Italy, Jesse.

Every good book list needs a slightly sappy and wanderlust inducing self-discovery book, right? And this is perfect to fulfill that! It’s a short and fast read with only 300(ish) pages. I can just imagine sitting on a towel at the beach (okay, swimming pool) and reading this!

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