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  • Bianca Zanotti

Your Body is a Temple

Growing up in this day and age, it’s hard to doubt that each and every one of us comes across problems in our everyday lives. Let’s face it, you go to first period math on a cold, Monday morning dreading the unit test you wrote last week and all you can do is panic. When the teacher finally sits down at their desk with an unfamiliar frown in the place of their bright smile, you can’t help but notice the knot in your stomach becoming tighter than it was the night after the test – prepare for the worst.

For aspiring makeup artist at Humber College, Alessia D’Alessandro this is all too familiar. She tells Mimp Mag how she manages to de-stress her body and keep her mind off of the many challenges and problems she faces everyday.


“Talking to people definitely makes me feel more relaxed, especially my mom. She always knows the right answers to my problems and makes me feel like there are more ways to maneuver around them rather than mull over one situation.”

What Alessia suggests:

  • Talking to people gets you to think and helps you weigh out the options: is this problem life altering or can it be overcome?

  • When you get the situation off your chest, you tend to feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. It’s almost as if the stress God is telling you “Hey, good for you for talking to someone. I don’t want you to stress anymore.” (Side note: is there even a stress God?)

  • If you feel that there is an immense problem that you feel you can’t tackle alone, always ask for help. It can be your parents, a grandparent, best friend, or even teacher. There are always people around you who are willing to help you feel and be your best health-wise.


“Tea is my go-to stress reliever; it always helps me calm down before a huge exam or an appointment with a client. I don’t want to be stressed while I work because a stressed me = a bad makeup job – pretty simple math. Jessie’s Tea from DAVIDS TEA is my favourite because it has ingredients like lavender and coconut, which have two of the best scents for relaxation. Oh, it tastes great too.”

Teas we recommend:

  • Chamomile: helps calm anxiety and panic attacks, as well as reduce PMSing and cramps (thank you Chamomile!)

  • Lavender: promotes relaxation through its aroma; aids digestive problems, such as nervous stomachs from those brutal math tests.

  • Mint/Peppermint Tea: Helps sooth an upset stomach.


  • Yoga is one of the best ways to de-stress and keep your mind and body healthy. It promotes relaxation through body stretches and meditation as well as strengthens the body to keep it in the best shape possible!

“I’ll go to a yoga class every once in a while with my mom or my best friend and it really helps me feel better on the inside. Just walking into the studio makes me feel less stressed! There are so many amazing yoga studios near my house so it’s so easy to try something new every time I go.”

  • Running or Jogging is also another way to stay healthy mentally and physically! Many people swear running helps clear the mind of all problems because it releases excess energy and hormones that improve your mood.

“When I don’t have time to stop in for a yoga class I love to go running or do cardio on my own. The feeling of having the wind in my hair and my favourite music blasting through my ears makes me get in the zone and clear my mind completely. When I go running or work out, it makes me feel better physically but, more important, mentally. My mood instantly gets better after a good run on a sunny day.”

The smallest of misadventures happen almost everyday and, whether it is on a small scale or large, it is crucial that we find ways to ensure that our health always comes first. You know the saying, “your body is a temple” – keep it that way! Our bodies always come first. Who cares about the bad mark on a math test? So what if you got into a fight with your parents? Don’t harm yourself worrying about minor problems. Just breathe!

When Mimp asked Alessia what her advice was to our phenomenal young women regarding health she said, “The best thing you can do for yourself when you’re stressed is to always make sure that you put yourself first. When I was in high school I would let myself worry over the smallest problems. I would stress to the point where I got crazy stomachaches from not eating because of my nerves!” So, lovely Mimp readers, stay positive and don’t stress – your body really is a temple, keep it in the best state possible!

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