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  • daughterofspring (Lizzie Vonroden)

A Summer Lookbook

A lil about the looks:

The 70’s Breeze outfit consists of a white peasant top (topshop), an oxblood mini skirt (universal store), and white sandals (ASOS). I took a lot of inspiration from the 70’s for this look. The mini skirt adds a bit of late 60’s retro style. I love this look because of how easy it is. Theres not a lot to this outfit, but I always feel put together when I wear it.

The Night Out outfit consists of a romper and sunglasses (Urban outfitters), and platforms (Topshop)[seen below]. The colours in the romper are flattering on almost any skin tone, and the floral pattern gives it an innocence. The flap of fabric in the front gives the illusion of it being a dress, when it has all the comfort of being a romper. It’s cinched at the waist, flattering your figure. The black platforms are so comfortable, but also add a little bit of height. They’re really cute, and I could wear them almost everyday.

The Back to Basics outfit consists of an H&M crop top, denim shorts (American Apparel), black converse, and a little backpack(My mom gave it to me). I especially love this outfit because how simple it is. Theres no complicated patterns or styles, yet it still looks like a complete outfit. I honestly love the backpack my mother gave me. The size of the little backpack paired with the converse gives the whole outfit a sense of adolescence. It’s so easy to throw together and is altogether a really cute look.

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