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The Wonders Of Megan

An interview with WONDERWOMAN.

Megan Sullivan has had her share of bad luck. First she fell off a cliff in Yosemite and badly injured herself. Next she got hit by a car while riding her Vespa. Then she got diagnosed with skin cancer. If it wasn’t already bad, all three occurrences happened over the course of a month.

Unlike what you would expect, Megan made something positive out of all the negativity. Motivated to achieve her dreams after such a rough time in her life, she accomplished her 3-year dream of visiting the 7 Wonders of the World. With only 3 hours of preparation, Megan, and her two-week boyfriend at the time Chris, traveled to all 7 wonders of the world, visiting 12 countries along the way over a 13 day time period.

Her story is truly inspiring. No matter what happens, no matter what “misadventures” occur in our life, it’s important to look to the positives. We never know what kind of adventures life will bring us on unless we try to achieve our dreams.

Mimp Mag talked with Megan and asked her a few questions about her experiences. We also hoping for any advice she could give us on how to #livemorenow. Check out her website for other info! www.megthelegend.com.

The Interview

Mimp: What are the first four words you can think of to describe your adventure around the world? Meg: Wonderful. Imaginative. Ambitious. Amazing. Mimp: Out of all the Seven Wonders of World, which one(s) was your favorite and why? Meg: Machu Picchu will always have a special place in my heart. I embarked on the Salkantay trek the year before which was an amazing experience and seeing it for the second time still had the ability to take my breath away. Mimp: What is the most rewarding part about traveling/adventuring for you? Meg:The ability to get out of my comfort zone and experience other cultures that influence and challenge me to live more.

Mimp: I know your trip was prompted by some difficulties you faced beforehand. What keeps you positive when you are facing current difficulties? Also, what advice do you have to give to young girls facing tough times? Meg:You will hit a point in your life when you think that there is no way that it can get any worse... until it does. Then the greatest moment happens when you wake up one day with a new found realization that you did survive and that you will always be able to get through anything no mater how desolate it may have seemed at the time. You hold the power to decide how you are going to live each day, so you might as well make it the greatest day of your life.

Mimp: On your website you said that this trip had been your dream for 3 years! Could you give us any insight into turning dreams into realities and how to achieve this? Meg: Just do it! You will never regret going after your dreams, even if you fall flat on your face; but, you will always regret not trying. The scars from your failures will become the blueprint of a life lived without any regret... a life lived well. Mimp: Last but not least, any traveling tips? Meg: Yes... travel light and use the hotel lobby restrooms in any city, they are by far the cleanest and most accessible.

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