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  • Adriana Parente

Three Easy Hairstyles for Summer


One of the best feelings in the summertime is having your hair out of your face. We have become tired of the classic pony and bun. Let’s change up our look with these three easy braid styles.

Fishtail Braid

If you ever wanted to look like a mermaid, now is your chance. This hairstyle takes a lot of practice, but is worth the effort once you get the hang of it.

  • Split your hair into two sections. Have them as “section one” and “section two”.

  • Take an outside strand of hair from “section one” and bring it to the inside of “section two”. Take an outside strand from “section two” and bring it to the inside of “section one”.

  • Repeat the steps and make sure to braid tightly.

  • If you want a messier look, loosen the braid and pull out small strands of hair.

Braided Crown

This hairstyle will turn heads! It looks as if you spent hours getting the look, but it only takes five minutes.

  • Braid your hair into two separate braids. Loosen the braid if you want a fully look.

  • Wrap the braids around your head and bobby pin the ends and middle to your head. Voila you are now a princess!

French Braided Pony

An easy way to spice up your classic ponytail is to add something different to it. French braiding will keep your hair out of your face, but it adds more detailing to the look.

  • Brush out your hair, and slick it back.

  • Aiming towards the side of your head, select a small section of hair.

  • Split your section of hair into three. Take one section from each side and cross them over to the center.

  • Add a new piece to the section as you go. Pull the hair tight to secure the braid.

  • Once the braid gets to your neck, tie it securely with a hair tie.

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