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  • Heather Taylor-Singh

Hot for Haley

The voice that will keep you cool, calm and collected during this hot summer.

Photographed by Matthew Blais

Not only is she a youtuber, but Haley Blais talks to Mimp about her upcoming singing career.

Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Haley Blais [b-lay] has been involved with music from the moment she sung “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” at her Grade two talent show.

The question everyone always asks when someone's voice sounds heavenly: “Did you have lessons?”, Haley says she took classical voice lessons for 10 years after her rendition of the Lion King tune, and considers it one of best decisions she ever made. “Or my mom ever made me do. Thanks mom!!”

When asked if anyone ever told her it was never going to happen, she joking says “Thanks mom! No just kidding, well kind of.” Entertainment is “TUFF BIZ” as Haley puts it, and although her parents supported her 100% of the time, they were always a little hesitant (wanting her to go school and get a degree). She also states that “Currently living alone and trying to establish yourself in a new city in hard, man.” We feel you Haley. This is why she thanks the Internet,which allowed her to release her most recent EP “Rain Knee” (clever name, eh?) for free.

Off of the “Rain Knee” EP Blais recalls “I Will Love You (More Than I Did Today)” as her favourite to record of the three songs. The inspiration behind the song came to Blais while watching Bloodline (Kyle Chandler, anyone?) “It sounds pathetic, but it’s true.” Blais says. The other two tracks off of “Rain Knee” are: “ In Your Head” (a ukulele based tune, with AMAZING harmonies) and “Throne” (a heart-breaking song that sounds like it’s from the 30’s, and my personal fave).

Haley says it’s her to dream to make people evoke feelings such as laughter, sadness or even happiness. Whether that comes in the form of music or in any other kind of performance. Her most exciting fan experience came from someone who crossed the border to see her perform. “My mom wouldn’t even do this for me!” She jokes.

Citing the duo ‘Simon and Garfunkel’ as well as the band ‘First Aid Kit’ as influences, she says her ultimate collaboration would be with Mae Whitman. Blais is a massive fan saying, “my one true love. She sings. I know” [Editor's note: I thought I was the only one!]. A few months back, Blais covered “Graveyard Song” which was sung by Whitman herself on the recently completed prime-time drama “Parenthood”. The love runs deep between Blais and Whitman when she jokes that she has a tattoo that says “Mae Whitman or Mae Whitman?”

While listening to a performance of “I Know Where I’ve Been” from Hairspray, she says “I’ve always been envious of powerhouse voices. I’m a little mouse voice”. However, the little mouse has brains too. Have you seen Tom and Jerry?

Check out Haley’s Youtube channel, where she posts beautiful singing videos, and blantantly some of the most hilarious videos I’ve seen at https://www.youtube.com/user/torturedteenagestyle

and go support “Rain Knee” !!!!!! https://haleyblais.bandcamp.com/album/rain-knee

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