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Not So Graceful

Dear Isabella,

I have known this guy, Brad, since year seven - I'm in year 10 now and we have become close friends. This year I have felt as if we have gotten closer and we tell each other everything. Two weeks ago he told me he likes my best friend, Sally. Even though she told me she doesn’t like him, Sally’s with him 24/7 (she practically never spoke to him before I told her). She's assured me they are just friends but it hurts to see that my guy friend is getting led on. I really like him and find it awkward to talk to him now because Sally told him of my feelings. I don't want to become distant with him. I just want advice for what I should do.



You deserve a friend who will help you out in a situation like this, not having them playing both sides like she is now. If she wanted to be there for you she would not be spending all the time she does now with a guy you have feelings for. Try talking to her about how uncomfortable it is making you to have the two of them being so close when she knows how complicated the situation is. Also try talking to your guy friend about distancing himself from someone who is only leading him on. Being there for him is something admirable and shows just how much you truly care. After speaking with both of them, take time for yourself and distance yourself from the situation to figure out if you really want to continue on with either relationship. Because in the end, you need to make sure you are giving yourself the best shot at happiness.


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