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  • Heather Taylor-Singh


You’ve probably lost track of the amount of festival pics that pop up on your Instagram feed (trust me, I get it). Instead of sulking that you’re not there, grab some friends and bring those festival vibes into your backyard. Even better, with the warm weather coming around, it’s perfect picnic season. Why not combine the two and have a festival inspired picnic! It gives you an excuse to dress up like hippies, but also chow down [Editor’s note: FOOD!].

With the help of a few tips, you can achieve a (slightly less expensive) day out! For even more tips on how to adventure like a pro, see Isabella's article here.

Make Your Food!

Now this is clearly obvious, I mean it is a picnic. But here’s the catch: try preparing your meal with your own two hands. It’s so easy to buy a pre-made salad from your local grocery store, but it’s health conscious and fun when you make it yourself! My basic go-to salad is: lettuce, cucumber, shredded carrots and balsamic dressing (in a separate container, of course!) Feeling risky? Go without salad dressing! Fruit is also nice. Cut up some, and pop in into a reusable container. Put them into a picnic basket, and you’re ready!

Take Photos!

It’s so much fun to experience memories, but also capture them. It’s a sad and exciting thought to think that if you don’t document the picnic - with tumblr style photographs - did it really happen?

Use your phone or camera and be sure to capture every moment. Other than the purpose of photography, your phone should disappear! Having a good time with your friends means giving them your full attention as well as the nature around you.

Use a polaroid, digital or (hell, if you’re really feeling it) a DSLR to capture your best (tumblr-worthy) moments!

Protect Yourself from the Sun!

When stepping out into the sun, whether it’s to a festival or just to have a picnic, sunscreen should always be the first thing you put on your body. It smells kind-of funky, but you’ll thank yourself later on. But that’s not all. On a hot and sunny day, something to protect your head and eyes are a must. My hat is from Target. Read more about skin protection in vanessa’s article here.

Decorate Your Space!

Finding the perfect space for your picnic is important. Go on a little adventure and find a spot that makes you smile.

Once you've found that area in the park or forest (or wherever your wandering heart takes youThere is nothing quite like making a space your own. This step is optional, but it makes all the difference in setting a mood (and taking cute pictures)!

Before your picnic, rally up your friends to DIY some decor or find some for your picnic! A Tassle garland is fun, easy and totally reusable afterwards. To satisfy your bottom, find a blanket for you all to sit on, that’s cute, but durable.

Now that’s you’ve got your food, camera, cute decor, and your “sun protection”, you are ready to have a picnic! Go take some instagramable photos!

Be warned you might just find Narnia!

[Photographed by Heather T - Photo FX by Andreya K]

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