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Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard | Book Review [Simone Says]

In Mare Barrow's world, there are those who bleed red and those who bleed silver. Silvers hold and harness all the power the world has to offer, while Reds fight to survive.

As a Red, how is it that Mare can barely scrape by while Silvers sit on pretty, sparkling thrones all day? As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Mare is haunted by her fast approaching conscription, something all Reds must endure. Being forced into the military to fight the Silver's battles for them disgusts her. Mare is willing to do anything to save her and her best friend from such a fate.

Mare's saving grace comes in the form of a handsome stranger who snatches her off the streets and throws her into the world of the Silvers as a servant in the royal court. But by a quick twist of fate, she gets much more than she bargained for.

She discovers she has special powers, something reserved for Silver blood only. To hide this seemingly impossible occurrence, the King and Queen claim Mare as a long lost Silver princess and betroth her to their youngest son.

Underneath it all, a group of Red rebels, known as the Scarlet Guard, gain momentum and power. Mare finds herself in a precarious predicament. Helping the guard means risking everything, including her own life.


I absolutely loved Red Queen. As a strong female character, Mare is someone to look up to. She is stubborn, fierce, bold and brave. So much so, oftentimes, she winds up being too stubborn for her own good.

One of the themes of the novel that I love is that you can't judge a book by its cover. Just because the Silvers live a privileged life doesn't mean they don't have struggles of their own. You know that super popular girl in school? The one who seems to have everything together? She has her own problems just like you and me. Everyone does, no matter how perfect their life might seem.

The book was so suspenseful that I had a hard time putting it down. Victoria Aveyard definitely left me wanting more. With more than one swoon worthy boy in the book, what more could you ask for? I finished it in record time. Rumor has it that book two will be coming out sometime next year. And with the major plot twist at the end, I can't wait to read it.

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