• Melissa Marzetti

Day Dreams of an Undercover Hippie

[Photography by Melissa Marzetti, Modeled by Sofia Capista]

If one were to enter my fantasy world, at a glance they would spot tattooed, bearded boys in a rolled up white tee, wisps of sun kissed hair bouncing up and down in the corner of their eye and every one would be dressed head to toe in either black or pretty pastel clothing. An array of cheap mixed body sprays, purchased at a gas station on the road trip down, would fill their noses, accompanied by the smell of blogger worthy food waiting to be devoured. The fresh feeling of grass on bare feet would constanly welcome new souls to lay down for a while…

This completely made up notion of what Coachella might be like, may be entirely fictional - but until the day that I experience it myself, I will continue to conjure up ideas of what could possibly be the best weekend of my life.

Whether you are sitting in your backyard listening to Lana Del Rey, pretending you are a desert queen, or if your lucky enough to do the real deal, we have a list of our favourite looks and accessories for the event.


This is very particular. As a girl there are certain parts of me that I’d like to be shiny… one being my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, the tips of my hair, my legs!

Attention! This is not to be confused with an oily nose/forehead, sweaty legs, and greasy hair.

Everything that shines should be intentional with a touch of highlighter and a good body bronzer (to avoid aforementioned faux pas, seek clean and clear oil pads and maybe some deodorant)

Flash Tatoos

Following the idea of the “right kind of shine”, flash tattoos are my favourite invention. If it was socially acceptable I would cover every. visible. body. part. With these.

There isn’t a guide to flash tattoos, use as many as possible and try not to curse me when you are scrubbing them off in the shower.

The Hair

The milk maid braids are not only the sweetest hair style possible, but keep hair out of your face and your back cool. The complete oppostie but next best thing is to let the wind blow through your hair, cooling the warm wet on the back of your neck, ever so gentley. Throw a few wild flowers in and you are ready to have a crazy good time. [Editor’s note: Oh Meliss, you mean my favourite hairstyle of all time?]


Fringe. period.

Nothing, and I mean nothing is sexier than a fringe jacket and Lennon glasses.

Or if you're really dedicated to the festival look you can fringe your hair to get a wispy style that you can dance with.


The only time I really appreciate the colour pink is on one’s perfectly flushed, but never embarrassed cheeks. A tint of blush makes your dewy (sweaty) skin look moisturized and fresh.

Put a Ring on it

Anyone who knows me, knows that if I could wear a ring around every finger at all hours of the day, I would (this does not exclude pinky toes and thumbs).

Crystal rings, silver rings, gold rings, they all go, and they all go together. Let every piece of advice that your mother and grandmother gave you about mixing your metals fly out the window… a little tip, when I am traveling, or feel like I'm going to loose all my jewelry I wear a necklace chain and stack up all my rings and earrings around it and throw it around my neck.

You can find some great finger fashion here:




Natural, natural, natural.

Keep it nude, light pink, or plain and buffed, or black (always acceptable). Festivals are all about embracing the inner wild child/gypsy side.

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