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Never Been Kissed

Dear Isabella,

I am moving countries in 2 months and I am sixteen and have never kissed or gone out with a guy before. I have this amazing best friend who I have liked since the beginning of this year and he knows that I like him. All my friends say I need "get out there and live my life" (in other words have a fling with a guy) and I personally would just really love to at least have my first kiss before I leave - its just I don't understand how I would go about it. My guy friend is absolutely amazing but he thinks he likes this other girl. I just want to know what ways I could let him know I really want to go out with him?

-Lost Lauren


Letting a guy know how you feel is always a terrifying feeling, especially when he is one of your close friends. The fact that you kind of have this ticking clock counting down the minutes until you have to leave is even scarier. If you really know in your heart that this guy is worth facing that fear, than start off with something small, like going for coffee or a day in the park. Let him know right off the bat that this will be something more than just two friends hanging out. If he isn’t ready to say it’s a date, consider thinking of it as a test to see how you feel with the mindset of being on a date. If things go well, I wouldn't lean in for the smooch just yet. Plan another day and let him know, subtly, that you want to kiss him. Stay close to him and when he looks you in the eye DON'T LOOK AWAY - that is the perfect moment right there to move in for it. I do want and hope that you will be careful though, as well. I know wanting to experience your first kiss and your first love is something that you can’t stop thinking about and you feel needs to happen right away but make sure you are absolutely ready for that. And you can't exactly force yourself into it. You are going to be leaving soon and having a “fling” can be fun but what if you end up wanting more? Long distance is a thing to think about if things end up being too difficult to let go of if you and your guy get together. Best wishes to you and I hope that no matter what happens, you get to be happy!


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