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  • Payton Landrum

Misogyny and Modesty

Over the last few years dress codes have become a source of controversy for high school students and teachers everywhere.

I have been repeatedly told to cover my legs because they are distracting to the guys in my classes. Is this sort of thinking considerd sexist? I think they are and so do the thousands of high school students that are banding together to stop misogyny inside of our schools.

Recently, 100 students at Montclair High School protested outside their school with signs against sexism in dress codes. The parents and students are outraged that girls feel shamed for what they wear, sexualized and objectified by the dress code and the authority figures that enforce it.

One major problem surrounding the topic of dress code, is that in an argument, the word “distracting" is often thrown around. It is after this that their opiniond become very clear: a woman’s body should be covered at the convenience of the men around her - not for her comfort.

What??? Am I reading this correctly?

This teaches men that all women should submit to men’s will and further progresses current rape culture: If she was wearing something revealing she was asking for it and it was her fault.

#Iammorethanadistraction has been trending on twitter a lot recently, showing the determination in girls to change the way society sees modesty and misogyny.

Many girls have become frustrated with the disregard of their education that these dress codes enforce. If girls are forced out of classes because their clothes are "distracting" to men who aren't able to learn with a bare shoulder in their line of vision, then she is missing out of valuable class time. This shows that many times men’s education is valued over women’s.

Also, at my school and many others, girls seem to be the only students checked for dress code violations. Why is it okay for a guy to walk in to class with a hat on and hair passed his shoulders, but girls are checked with rulers accompanied by rude comments ( "You should know better").

If you are being treated this way, I urge you to politely discuss this with an administrator or teacher to see what steps can be taken to ensure that girls are treated fairly in our schools. You can also get involved by signing petitions through sites like change.org

What are your thoughts on this issue? Send them to mimpmag@gmail.com

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