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  • Elena M-ski

The Friday Night Playlist

If you ask us what the best day of the week is, It is Friday. I mean, what’s better than a Friday night?

The long week of school is over, or maybe you’ve just gotten off your shift at work. Either way, it's time to de-stress. Welcome to the Friday Night series! Unfortunatley, not everyone goes out to the movies with friends or for sushi with the boyfriend...

There's nothing wrong with being alone on a Friday night! - sometimes it's more fulfilling.

And what’s a better way than sing music off the top of your lungs while dancing around your bedroom. Friday night emergency dance party anyone?

Here is our first playlist of fun songs for you to dance and sing along to this Friday night!

Our Own House | Misterwives

Catchy chorus? Yes. Trumpets? Ummm YES!

All of the People | Panama Wedding

This song makes me want to stand on my bed and dance and sing and oh my goodness it’s amazing!!

Believer | American Authors

Great song, great message. Killing two birds with one stone right?

Sweet Ophelia | Zella Day

If you like Lana Del Rey, you will love this!

I’m Going to Show You Crazy | Bebe Rexha

I feel that every time I’m feeling a bit out of place or misunderstood, I turn to this song. I may not be the character the lyrics present but the lyrics of the song help me understand that I’m not alone in my struggles.

Friday is Forever | We The Kings

You can’t have a Friday themed playlist without a song about Friday.

Imagination Infatuation | Misterwives

Yes, I realize this is the second Misterwives song on this playlist.

No shame.

Do I Wanna Know | Arctic Monkeys

Why dont you have this song yet? It should be in every playlist...ever.

Hold Back The River | James Bay

On loop.

What are you listening to this Friday Night? MimpMag wants to know! Send your Friday playlist to mimpmag@gmail.com.

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