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We Don't Really Talk

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Hey Isabella, There's this boy that I like so much and we talk and stuff but we don't talk a lot. I wanna feel comfortable enough to tell him I like him but we don't talk enough. Please help!



Talking to boys can definitely be foreign territory to us girls sometimes. It’s scary yes, but is it worth it? Absolutely! Take some time getting to know his interests. Guys love talking about things that they are in to. Try finding some common ground between the two of you. If you share a class with him, ask him if he would want to get together and study. If you both like sports or the same type of music, build upon that. It’s always finding out you have tons in common with someone and it’s an even greater feeling to know you have things in common with your crush! And just think, if you don’t end up finding things you both can relate to, don’t push it. Some things just aren’t meant to be, and it’s better to find out right away whether or not you guys can create a stronger bond and eventually a friendship or relationship.


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