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Frazzled Franny

Dear Isabella,

I'm a freshman and there's a junior guy I'm in the play with at my school. He's amazing (I'll spare you the details) and an overall nice guy. He talks to me a lot but I don't know if it's reserved for me or if it's just his general kindness. How do I tell if he's into me?

-Frazzled Franny


Guys can be so confusing. It’s always hard to get a read on whether or not he’s into you or if he is just being friendly. That is why you have to take the initiative and find out just what’s going on. You said he’s a nice guy, which means he isn’t going to give you the stink eye for trying to get to know him a bit better. Try creating conversation that goes deeper than just, “Hi, how are you?” Make a conversation that is worthwhile and that he is bound to remember. You are both in the school play so bring up getting together to go over your lines. Maybe ask him for advice on things you feel you could add to your character for the show. Finding common ground is bound to make things easier and so much more comfortable. Good luck!


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