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Hopelessly Devoted


I think I'm in love with this guy who I've had a few classes with... But he has a girlfriend. She's perfect- very beautiful, really smart and talented too... Needless to say I'm jealous. He's so cute and they're perfect together, but I get this achy feeling when I see them together, or even when I see him at all. I don't know what to do. Help?

-Hopelessly Devoted

Hopelessly Devoted,

Seeing your crush with someone else is literally the worst feeling in the world. Jealousy is never fun and it doesn’t seem like it will ever go away. But you have to remember that unfortunately, he is taken. For a while, it might be easier to avoid any contact with him. Cut off all social media contact with him, so you don’t get constant updates on him and his girlfriend’s every move. Whenever you know you might run into him at school take a different route. If you still share classes with him, it could get a bit tough, but it’s going to help you move on from him. If you feel like your feelings for him could really end up being something huge, it’s totally your decision to wait it out. But that really isn’t healthy and you should definitely think of being in his girlfriend’s shoes and how you would feel if another girl was crushing on your guy. Whatever you end up deciding to do, just remember that you are an incredible girl, who will have tons more opportunities to be with some amazing guys. It may feel as though moving on from him is something that just doesn’t seem possible, but just know that time is your best friend, and it really does heal the hurt of having to move on.


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