• Payton Landrum

OLD IS NEW (new is old?)


In our culture today we see a mix of clothing and music from different eras. We host 50’s dances at our schools and model our wardrobe to sparkle like the Roaring 20’s; movies are being remade and old books re-read. So what does this mean for us? Are we a culture that will only be known for being nostalgic and bringing back things from the past? Can we even create anything new?

I always think about how weird it will be in the future when teens head out to a 2015 themed dance. What would they wear? I'm guessing they'll go deacked out in Leggings and oversized t-shirts, holding fake iphones, starbucks and listening to Beyonce?

What if they wouldn’t be able to find anything original about us, so they couldn’t even have the dance in the first place? When you think about it, leggings originated in the 80's and chokers were a 90's thing, right? Even the music today is heading back to history.

Old is new. We bring back The Beatles and bell bottoms, Miles Davis and saddle shoes; I don't think it means we aren’t original.

As teens, we see everything wrong with our lives and rebel against it even (especially) our future. We see the good in past because we didn't live in it!

We can take our love for other peoples pasts and add our own modern twist to it.

Technology is another huge old is new...thing. Polaroids, purposely turning your photos grainy on photoshop, film favoured over digital, vinyls and tapes over iphones and you could probably find an endless list of others by searching #vintage on tumblr.

New is old. Sometimes we get so tired of trying to create new. Instead, we look back and are inspired by the clothing and music from our grandparent’s glory days. The whole idea of "Vintage", I think, isn’t stealing things from the past but reviving them for our vast and unknown future.

And we thought time travel didn't exist! Ha!

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