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  • Andreya Klobucar



Dove has me constantly inspired with their campaign videos, never ceasing to drum up tears and emotions; the recent #ChooseBeautiful video, posted on Dove's youtube channel three days ago, is no different.

In the video, these everyday woman make a choice. As water clouds my eyes (after watching this video for the third time today), I can't help but face this descision along with them. I tape a 'Beautiful' sticky note to the frame of my bedroom door.

Dove promotes the idea that beauty is a choice. The way we see ourselves is what we choose to see.

Most of the time this is a subconscious choice we make every day: walk through the 'Beautiful' or the 'Average' door. Often times the automatic answer is 'Average'.

This campaign aims to change this, to bring attention to our descisions and value how remarkable we are. Here at Mimp, we walk through the beautiful door and challenge you to do the same. We'll admit its harder than it looks.

I believe this action ties in with confidence. Confidence is one of the things I find lacking in myself and the people I share my time with.

"Confidence is about being comfortable with yourself, accepting who you are as a person inside and out and knowing that no one should feel the need to change you; because you love yourself and if you love yourself everything else will fall into place. Thats what confidence is."

-Sofia Capista (Mimpmag Writer)

We have a challenge for you! Take how you view yourself out of your subconscious! Acknowledge your perpective and recognize all of the beautiful things about yourself.

Take those beautiful thoughts and your iPhone camera and take about a dozen or so 'selfies' highlighting the parts of yourself you think are beautiful!

Screen shot your camera roll and post it on instagram/twitter using the hastag #MimpMagChoosesBeautiful and #MimpMagConfidenceTips

Share your story and confidence tips in the caption of your instagram post or leave a link to your blog!

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