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Shake It!


Along with the high waisted mom jeans, Doc Martens, and the choker, the polaroid camera is making its way (or should I say HAS made its way) back into main stream culture. Yes, we are a little late to the party but are still enjoying every second of the grungy, hazy style of photography.

The idea of having a hard copy of a photograph is very romantic and VERY foreign to me. Growing up off of disposable cameras that sat in a drawer and never made their way to be developed, to eventually purchasing the family’s first clunky and bulky digital “pocket” camera, I am in love with the idea of a compact camera that prints you a little piece of love right on the spot.

I have just recently purchased the Instax mini 8 in matte black and am loving it, though I have to say film is expensive; but that just helps me in making sure every snap is worth capturing.

For those who don’t want to invest in a camera or aren't into lugging around any unnecessary equipment, I have a personal line up of apps for the iPhone that will help you achieve the same look.

1. First, for those of you who aren't already on the VSCO cam bandwagon, hop the hell on, because this app transforms your photos from mediocre to professional with one slight of a filter.

2. The second app I recommend is Rookie, I have to say I am committed to the quality of my photos and invested a whole 2 dollars into buying heaps of unnecessary filters for this app. The free version of Rookie still has a good amount of effects to play around with.

3. For the final stage in perfectly destroying your high def, high resolution iPhone photo, the apps “Shake it” or “Instants” bring your photo into a polaroid frame and complete the process. Personally, I love “Shake it” because it develops right in front of my eyes like an actual polaroid would.

When printing these photos from your computer, be sure to setyour printer to Photo Glossy paper, then go ahead and print them on photo paper. It has almost the same effect as a polaroid and you can use your newfound knowledge to DIY all the hipster-deco that you’d like!

Urban Outfitters is a great one- stop -shop for all things polaroids. They carry cameras, books and accessories. Check them out at UrbanOutfitters.com

Here are some DIY POLAROID DECOR IDEAS for you to try with your freshly printed/developed polaroids!

1. Although it may be a little over done I still love the whole string and clothes pin idea for your photos. By simply taking a string and pinning it on your wall from end to end you can hang your polaroid (or polaroid look-a-likes) and have them strung seamlessly above your bed, desk, or really wherever you feel like making two holes in the wall.

2. My second favourite thing to do with polaroids is to have them pasted in a book beside your personal notes, quotes you like, receipts and concert tickets. Having all these things in a small little pocket book is like carrying your own little scrapbook in your back pocket. (cus we all need one extra thing to carry with us).

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